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Close Circuit TV

Loss prevention safety concerns often arise from an unexpected issue that requires a reactive approach. High shrink, increased food costs, sudden decrease in a department margin, an employee theft incident, shoplifting or a substantial inventory loss, demonstrates the absence of adequate proactive loss prevention measures. LPS helps companies build comprehensive and proactive loss prevention programs… Read More

Point of Sale Integration

Point-of-Sale is an excellent tool for date and time stamp to be integrated into one or several video camera images. Point-of-Sale lets you run queries on your POS transactions based on date, time, camera, transaction type, value, item code, cashier, or receipt number and view results along with video of the those transactions. You can… Read More

System Health Monitoring

Whether you have a single store with a few cameras or a large chain with multiple cameras, health monitoring is designed to alert you or your IT staff and automatically identify and report specific VMS issues. Whether it be a camera, hard disk, recording, or network connection failure, you will be aware of it, drastically… Read More

Video Analytics

The true value of a video management system is in its ability to allow the user to quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. Whether you need to view activity at a glance, switch cameras, backtrack to a specific point in time, create case files, etc., these activities can be very time… Read More

Monitoring & Remote Viewing

Your video management system can allow you remote CCTV viewing so you can now monitor your business from any internet-connected desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the world. We can offer you IP remote CCTV monitoring products with integrated DVR and NVR video management solutions. This means that you can watch what… Read More

Access Control

Access Control systems are about more than monitoring doors; they are an integral part of any security system and give users a convenient platform to manage their facilities. Any size building or office, from a few doors to hundreds, can benefit from access control. Remove the hassles of keys, such as obtaining keys from terminated… Read More

Intercom & Communication

Intercoms come in both wireless and hard-wired formats. The applications are versatile and numerous. Intercoms provide an extra layer of security by enabling two-way communication on your property. LPS can design, supply and install a system to suit your home, office, business or apartment complex. Find out how we can help your business; phone 604-936-1764… Read More

Digital Signage

Digital signage solutions are being exploited by most business owners today to give them an edge over their competitors. There are many different benefits digital signage will have on your business, which can help you become more successful within your industry. Digital media signage eliminates the cost and waiting time compared to printing. Content can… Read More